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Mini-Ways to Wholeness during Self-Isolation

If you are one of us who feel scattered, anxious, or think you can’t figure out what to do with yourself during the Covid-19 time of Self-Isolation, I suggest you begin by seeing if anything on this list I’ve compiled helps you reboot your imagination. Give one or more of these a try, and see what you can come up with!

Turn off the alarm

Listen to a story or a podcast

Take a long bubble bath

Make homemade bread

Take a brisk walk

Look at old photos

Embrace what you feel vulnerable about

Draw a picture of your feelings

Set a short-term goal

Reward yourself for reaching a goal

Make a new online friend


Go to bed early

Listen to music

Tell a friend you love them

Write a poem

Sing a favorite song

Pop some popcorn

Paint a picture with marker pens, ink and pencil

Read a novel

Take the stairs

Waste time without guilt

Make a list of your good traits

Sit in the window seat to soak up the sun

Take a photo of the spring flowers you see

Take 10 deep breaths

Look out the window more, and more

Put birdseed out for the birds

Give yourself a pedicure

Play a musical instrument

Do stay-at-home-yoga, stretching, weights

Renovate old clothes

Deep clean a closet or room in the house

Sort old clothes to give away

Get 9 hours of sleep

Eat by candlelight

Listen to a concert or symphony online

Watch a dance performance online

Accept a compliment

Meditate on the colors of spring outside your window

Have a good cry

Start a Gratitude Journal

Make a promise to find the good in yourself, and everyone

Visit the online library to find a new book

Write a blogpost (like this one:-)

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