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Therapeutic Approach

Passionate About Inspiring Others

One of the spiritual principles at the root of cognitive therapy is a paradox: 

Your weaknesses can become your strengths.  Your shortcomings can become your greatest assets, your windows of opportunity ~ David D. Burns, MD

In her on-call work for numerous Managed Care panels as an outsourced Human Resource (EAP) Employee Assistance Professional, as well as in her private Mental Health Psychotherapy practice, Roberta draws upon many theories in her conceptualization of human development, all of which she feels have relevance to recovery and self-actualization. 


She takes an eclectic approach to counseling and mentoring, drawing from the leading theories of David D. Burns, M.D., Aaron T. Beck, M.D., and Judith Beck, Ph.D. renowned Cognitive Therapy Psychiatrists; Carl Rogers, M.D. esteemed Client-Centered Psychologist; Albert Ellis M.D., innovator of Rational-Emotive Therapy; Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D. and other illustrious proponents of Positive Psychology; Helen Fisher, Ph.D. noted Relationship and Personality Psychologist; Dr. Daniel G. Amen, celebrated Psychiatrist and Brain Health expert, as well as the Power of Mindfulness, Behavioral Modification, Gestalt / JungianTherapy, Addiction, Psychoeducational, and Brief Psychotherapy in order to recognize and assist individuals in the resolution of a variety of issues - most notably thought and affective disorders - on their path toward reaching the success, love, and happiness they seek in their lives.  The problems Roberta addresses encompass every crisis in modern life, from minor irritations to major problems such as divorce, illness, failure, loss, or death, as well as those vague, chronic problems that seem to have no clear external cause, such as low self-esteem, low self-confidence, frustration, guilt, anxiety, anger, and apathy, among other troubling emotions.

Roberta dedicates her Private Mental Health Counseling, EAP, and Coaching Practice to women and men in health assessment, evaluation, and assisting with a broad range of career and work-life balance as well as personal issues that include: coping with change, assertiveness, conflict resolution, career development, career advancement, career performance, diversity, anxiety and depression, pain management, and psychosomatic illness.  She assists those with stress or anxiety management issues, co-dependence, interrelationship, healthy relationship development as well as addressing behaviors that contribute to low-self esteem.  She performs crisis debriefings and traumatic injury intervention for those at risk, grief and loss, or abuse.

Roberta’s varied experiences allow her to determine intervention techniques that provide training and counseling in cognition and dysfunctional beliefs and how they came to be, as well as solution-focused treatment that results in clients completing early developmental tasks and thereby forming new positive beliefs about themselves and their world.  The intervention Roberta conducts assists individuals in learning to think and feel more clearly about problems and situations they find themselves in, to make healthier decisions for their lives, to find more adaptive responses to their circumstances, and feel more certain they are on the path to a greater understanding of themselves. 


In a holistic manner, she works in conjunction with traditional medical providers to address a client's feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge toward treatments to achieve wellness goals. She may recommend incremental steps over the course of treatment to help a client change specific behaviors, consider a change in lifestyle practices such as diet modification, meditative or spiritual practice, alternative health therapies, exercise regimens, and environmental health awareness in combination with traditional medical advice.

Roberta utilizes these skills in the delivery of formal counseling, coaching, psychoeducational and behavioral training by conducting one-on-one and group workshops.  Individual coaching sessions are offered at the rate of $90.00 to 130.00 / hour ($85.00 / hour for continuing EAP clients).  Sessions are recommended weekly (preferable).  Group and Corporate rates are determined by the length and breadth of commitment required.

As a counselor and coach, Roberta is known for her direct, compassionate style, her ability to quickly assess core issues, and ask powerful questions to elicit critical answers that assist her clients in cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Roberta’s expertise as a cross-pollinator within psychology, human resources, and organizational development, her natural talent for innovation and experimentation, as well as her broad interest in behavioral health has led her to collaborate with a range of corporations in the Seattle area in building and refining cross-cultural teams, and the individuals who comprise them, across the full spectrum of cultures and technology platforms.

Roberta’s specific individual, corporate, and team counseling, coaching, and consulting expertise includes:


* Counseling, coaching, and mentoring individuals towards a focus on their personal strengths, navigating situational complexity, transforming interpersonal interactions, cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and developing executive presence and resilience

* Counseling, coaching, and mentoring individuals towards targeting strategic career opportunities based on personal strengths

* Counseling, coaching, and mentoring individuals towards generating high levels of personal growth and innovation essential for moving forward, and collaborating on ideas with colleagues, teams, and executives

* Guiding in the ramp-up of teams capable of collaborating, self-directing, and developing chemistry within team play

* Consulting with clients on the development of critical hire pipelines to fulfill or replace just-finished innovations and projects

* Consulting with clients and teams on driving projects to completion

Roberta’s breadth of ability and interest has encompassed working across industries, particularly technology incubators, as a multi-disciplinary Human Resource Specialist since 1994 with a track record of achievement in Employment, Employee Effectiveness, Employee Performance and Engagement as well as Recruitment, Talent Management and Career Development. 

Qualifications ~ Certifications
  • Masters in Education, Counseling Psychology, Purdue

  • Certified, Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC, WA state

  • Certification in Human Resources Recruitment PHR AIRS

  • Conflict Resolution Training Certificate, NW Mediation Service

Professional Memberships
  • National Board of Certified Counselors  NBCC

  • International Employee Assistance Professionals Association

  • American Mental Health Counselors Association

  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association 

EAP Panels Accepted
  • Magellan Behavioral Health

  • Managed Health Network

  • First Choice Health Behavioral Health

  • Wellspring

  • Cigna EAP 

Insurance Accepted
  • Regence Blue Shield

  • Cigna Behavioral Health

  • First Choice Health - PPO

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