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Join my 'Lean In Cafe' small Circle Group today!

This is the place for women to talk about everything they can’t talk about “At Work." Whether a stressful situation, a difficult relationship or problematic interaction, our career, our purpose, a performance review, our hopes, dreams, successes, losses or failures, and more. Here we can find support for our feelings, issues and situations that cause us to feel disorganized, lose focus and concentration, or rob us of the fun we want from our jobs, and our lives. We will come together to share our experiences, reinforce our self-esteem, feel empowered, make sure we are on the Right Path for our lives, find Influential Allies, increase our credibility, and inspire those around us. 1100 Dexter Avenue will provide us an inviting space to meet with like-minded, compassionate women in an open forum without agenda in order to benefit from each other’s personal stories, themes and experiences, and grow in our understanding of ourselves. Let's BE the change we seek. Everyone is welcome! Coffee, tea and love provided:-)

You may also email me at:

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