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Roberta Nasser is a Certified Counselor, Coach, and Mindfulness Consultant blending years of in-the-trenches experience with her passion for building individuals, teams, and executive leaders with compassion, resilience, and interpersonal power. 


Roberta Nasser earned a B.A. degree Cum Laude and expertise in Humanistic and Developmental Psychology from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, is a member of the Purdue Chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Honor Society, and holds international experiential training while studying the Psychology of Personality at the University of London’s Franklin School of Psychology. 


Roberta pursued advanced studies in Psychology, obtaining her M.S. in Education and Counseling Psychology from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana before relocating to San Francisco to begin post-graduate studies. 


After moving to Washington State, Roberta obtained Certifications in Washington State in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC), Vocational Rehabilitation (VRC), Human Resources (PHR) and Recruitment (CIR), and in 1993 opened EAP Associates as well as TechTalentAssociates to serve a wide scope of client companies and their employees within the private and public industry in the Greater Seattle Area. 

In her on-call work for numerous Managed Care panels as an outsourced Human Resource (EAP) Employee Assistance Behavioral Health Professional, as well as in her limited private Mental Health Psychotherapy practice, Roberta draws upon many theories in her conceptualization of human development, all of which she feels have relevance to recovery and self-actualization. 

Roberta dedicates her Private Counseling and Coaching Practice to Women and Men in health assessment, evaluation, and assisting with a broad range of Career and Work-Life Balance as well as Personal issues.  The coaching Roberta conducts assists individuals in learning to think and feel more clearly about problems and situations they find themselves in, make healthier decisions for their lives, find more adaptive responses to their circumstances, and feel more certain they are on the path to a greater understanding of themselves.

As a counselor and coach, Roberta is known for her direct, compassionate style, her ability to quickly assess core issues, and ask powerful questions to elicit critical answers that assist her clients in cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Roberta’s expertise as a cross-pollinator within psychology, human resources, and organizational development, her natural talent for innovation and experimentation, as well as her broad interest in behavioral health has led her to collaborate with a range of corporations in the Seattle area in building and refining cross-cultural teams - and the individuals who comprise them - across the full spectrum of cultures and technology platforms.

Roberta’s breadth of ability and interest has encompassed working cross-industry - particularly technology incubators - as a multi-disciplinary Human Resource Specialist with a track record of achievement in Employment, Employee Effectiveness, Employee Performance and Engagement as well as Recruitment, Talent Management, and Career Development. 

When not doing that, Roberta loves to hit the road on her Italian road bike, run or hike the trails and beaches of the Pacific Northwest, cross-country ski beside the rivers of eastern Washington, practice writing the next great blog post, or plan her next inspirational travel itinerary.


Her current preoccupations include managing and curating new collections with collaborators in France and Italy for future product showings in her online business, or creating digital photo albums from her travel photoshoot favorites.


Roberta was raised on the shores of Lake Michigan.


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